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Table & Floor Lamps
If you want to completely change the lighting mode at home, you can try to integrate decorative lights into interior design, so that you can highlight certain corners and new focals. Lighting helps to create an atmosphere in a specific room and to use them for specific scenes, such as working in a home office or reading quietly in a study. Before purchasing a new decorative lamp, please ensure that its style and pattern match the existing decoration in your home. You can browse the information of our various lamps to find the lighting decoration scheme suitable for your home.

Table lamps can create appropriate ambient light for each room in your home. Table lamps come in various sizes, shapes and styles, which can flexibly add unique vitality to your existing decoration. You can draw inspiration from the existing interior design and buy a lamp for your tea table, home office or bedside table. When reading or working, they are great to use to accompany you.

The floor lamp next to the sofa, tea table or chair in the living room looks different. Choose the right height, the floor lamps can provide you with the best lighting. When purchasing floor lamps, please ensure that your floor lamps are high enough so that you and your guests will not be affected by the light of the bulbs. If you want your lamp to lean on a chair or sofa, arc floor lamp will be a very elegant decoration solution.

Among the lighting of your home office, study or library, desk lamps will be an excellent choice. Choosing the right desk lamp can help you improve your work efficiency and avoid causing eyesight fatigue. A good desk lamp can meet all the needs of your work. Both traditional and modern table lamps have their own characteristics, from fixed angle to adjustable arm. When purchasing desk lamps, please pay attention to ensure that enough watts are selected to meet daily reading and other detailed activities. We also offer exquisite tea table lamps.

As a decorative lamp, buffet lamp is deeply favored by its unique style and environmental lighting. It will be more elegant for your room by adding buffet lights to your decoration. The sophisticated and sleek design is the highlights of the buffet lamps, featuring candlestick, lamp pole and ornate metallic accents. You can make your room different in your home with an atmosphere buffet light and show more about your unique style.