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About Us

Welcome to Sanbuy, where we are dedicated to inspiring your love for home and enriching the lives of those around you. Our commitment to providing a large range of durable, nice-looking, and honestly-priced products for the modern home is an ongoing pursuit.


At Sanbuy, we have set up an international e-commerce platform to provide kitchen products and relevant services for all in need. We primarily target consumers in the United States and the United Kingdom, but we are progressively expanding our market to include Europe, Australia, Canada, and beyond. Our services will be available in these regions shortly.

The highlights of our products are their strong sense of design, high quality, and affordability. We provide a variety of products with unique styles, from classic to modern, and we have collaborated with thousands of kitchen product experts to create exclusive collections.


To ensure a worry-free purchase, we have improved our strong worldwide delivery system. We also offer professional after-sales service and effective return policies. Our long-term partners in logistics are UPS, FedEx, EMS, and we also cooperate with DHL to ensure that your packages reach your destination safely and securely.


We take pride in offering high-quality products to our customers. With our strong capability to integrate supply chain resources, we select high-quality partners from a wide range of suppliers. We strictly follow quality control procedures during the production process, which includes checking suppliers, checking production, testing sample quality, spot-checking products, and tracking after-sales to ensure that all products meet consistent quality standards and user expectations.


At Sanbuy, we offer affordable and high-quality kitchen products to customers. Backed by a strong supply chain and a self-built supplier base, we have a pricing advantage and independence.


We also offer a worry-free purchase with a 14-day DOA product guarantee, a 60-day conditional return/exchange policy, a 60-day quality guarantee for most items, and 24/7 customer service.


Join us on this journey, and enjoy your shopping experience with Sanbuy!